News / 2019 07 11 Komax Alpha 550

Electronic House has just installed Komax Alpha 550!

Consistent high productivity and flexibility with maximum precision are the requirements that fully automated wire processing has to meet today and in the future. In order to boost its capabilities towards efficient wire management, Electronic House has recently installed Komax Alpha 550 – the latest fully automatic crimping machine for two-sided seal loading.
This exceptional unit is the best in class productivity, which is the result of:
High machine speed for the best unit cost performance – all system components are designed for top performance. The processes are perfectly coordinated.
Fast conversion for maximum production output – simple, fast setup and conversion approaches allow short travel paths while accelerating the procedures. The machine software enables the next job to be loaded without halting operations.
First-time-right: perfectly synchronized machine processes with excellent CPK results – quality assurance and monitoring functions ensure top precision and superb CPK results. Processes are optimum thanks to the reliable EtherCAT technology.
What is more, Alpha 550 is extremely powerful and flexible, capable of:
Robust and reliable processing of wire cross sections ranging from 0.13 to 6 mm² (up to 10 mm² on request as application) – powerful servomotors place the swivel arm with unrivaled accuracy. The mechanical and electronic components are well-protected from dirt and ambient influences, are also suitable for environments with high temperatures and moisture.
Producing special and complex applications thanks to flexible machine configuration – the different process modules make it possible to have complex and individualized configurations with up to four stations. Customer-specific processes can be programmed on request.
Versatile options – various alternatives, such as the linear quick wire changer and the stationary (STC) or mobile (MTC) terminal changer for fast crimp tool changes, enable optimal flexible operation within the stable system.
Among the exceptional modules and tools of Komax Alpha 550 are:
Q1240 strip monitoring tool for maximum quality – the Q1240 quality tool runs an optical check on the strip quality and automatically rejects defective products. It can be easily integrated into the production process without training. Seal monitoring, which checks the seal position and alignment, is also available. The product quality can be seamlessly traced by means of statistics, image storage and network feedback.
C1370 / C1340 crimp module for maximum productivity – shortest setup and conversion times are achieved thanks to efficient user guidance with cable positioning directly on the module. CFA+ assures the highest level of quality and the lowest possible rate of rejects. The robust crimp module design delivers extraordinary repeat accuracy. Functions such as stroke and split cycle are easily programmed. The C1370 automatically adjusts the crimp height during the teaching procedure.
S1441 seal module for maximum flexibility – the module automatically fits wires with common seals and mini-seals. The combination of precision mechanics and the new Q1240 seal position monitoring function guarantees a high degree of process safety and maximum productivity. The module can be simply and quickly switched from one seal variety to another.
Alpha 550 meets all the requirements across the entire spectrum with revolutionary technology. This superb machine can yield crucial competitive advantages with its unmatched unit cost performance, flexible production output and excellent quality. With Komax Alpha 550 Electronic House is ready for the maximum performance – ready for the future.


Based on Komax Alpha 550 information booklet