Through 20 years in business Electronic House company has gained experience in working with all the major manufacturing segments, namely:

CM – our own sector, which takes responsibility of manufacturing for numerous industries, producing considerable amounts of different items every day.
OEM – which focuses on innovation and development, providing complete turnkey solutions or certain components to the market.
ODM – which creates design and owns Intellectual Property of particular products, specializing in small number of specific items.
EMS – which concentrates on producing high volume-low complexity products and can offer many other additional services, including support for design, supply chain and logistics management.

Accordingly, our team understands that different approaches should be taken while manufacturing to any of the sectors mentioned. Therefore, whether low-to-medium or high volume is on demand, high mix or no mix at all, at Electronic House we know how to accomplish specific needs with agility and flexibility.

In addition, we always put our core focus on value that we can add. Hence, Electronic House team is also there to consult clients, if needed, over chosen materials, suggest alternatives in order to optimize manufacturing process and provide with the best balance between price and quality.