Electronic House follows RoHS and REACH directives closely as we are highly aware of environmental and health regulations. Together with ISO 14001 we are managing our production with efficiency and concern to the surroundings. ISO 9001 and IPC certificates let us boast of high quality manufacturing services, as we always follow and consult standards with precision in order to provide the best possible solutions and stay competitive in the global market. Additionally, being a part of WHMA enables us to network with the leaders in wire harness manufacturing industry, access leading edge technologies and recourses, essential for high quality production. With UL and CSA testing we are sure that our production is suitable for our partners in the USA, furthermore – it opens new possibilities in Canada.

Quality is always our top priority, hence our quality assurance team checks it carefully and with precision. All production is examined visually and by the First Article Inspection (FAI). If there is a need, the following techniques and machines are used to test produced items:

  • Crimp force analyzer in automatic crimping machines (CFA)
  • Pull tester for crimp force measuring
  • Low voltage continuity testing
  • Checking by AQL table
  • Functionality testing
  • Length measuring