Capability and equipment


Capability in our mindset is the motivation and competence to execute a perfect job, and our team is creating value every day using their skills, modern equipment and technology. 


The equipment and technology in our factory is always in prime condition and we are constantly investing into new machines and equipment. Following is a list of most current equipments. 

  • Komax Gamma 333 PC
  • Komax Alpha 355
  • Komax Kappa 350 upto OD=35mm with black inkjet printing
  • Komax Alpha 411
  • CFA 326 monitors
  • Komax Kappa 220
  • EcoCut 3300
  • Schleuniger Powerstrip 9500
  • Schleuniger Powerstrip 9500 RSL
  • Schleuniger Cut and Strip CS9100
  • Schleuniger UniStrip 2600
  • AM.ALL.ROUND 400
  • Overmoulding "Arburg 275V"
  • Macromelt competence
  • Soldering IPC
  • Contact welding
  • Coils winding
  • Test equipment
  • More than 200 various hand tools
ALT(Schleuniger cut and strip)

Our skilled team secures top quality.

The team is undertaking consistent internal and external training programs in order to secure updated skills and craftmanship.

wire harness assembly